About us

As a white-label partner, we help startups and innovative enterprises to scale up and jump-start their development team by hiring Greensoft dedicated Angular development service for their custom web development.

Greensoft proudly is a remote software development agency, we decrease cost of in-house team for you as well as increasing the front-end development quality.

We assemble senior-level, dedicated front-end Angular developers from some countries to help fast-growing startups and innovative enterprises drive impact and achieve their goals.


We’re a tech company with a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capacity.

Greensoft aim to bring forth talented, passionate, and committed people who manifest the essential core values that define our agency. We thrive in a flexible and dynamic work environment focused on openness and communication. We embrace diversity, nurture innovative ideas, and encourage every employee to be an active architect of a better future.

A Software Development Agency Is An Instant

When contracting out your development, you get a ready-built team. And that’s probably the main reason to go with an agency over in-house. Building great software is difficult, and hiring one, or even two in-house engineers isn’t actually enough.

Developers need designs to work from, so you need a web designer. Managers provide sanity checks and ensure focus over feature creep.

With an agency, you’ll have a ready-to-roll team with a designer, developers, and maybe most importantly, a project manager. That means oversight. But it comes with a cost.

You’ll Move Faster With An Agency

If you’re going with in-house, as mentioned earlier, developers need designs. So you’ll need to source a designer. Then you’ll also need to hire the developers yourself. That means recruitment time, interviews, onboarding, etc. Plus, there’s the HR complexity too.

Agencies are experts at ramping up quickly. They already have the team. And critically, they’ll be great at prototyping, designing, and creating specifications for the developers to work from. You’ll be able to get started within days, whereas hiring in-house can take months.

Greensoft core values

Our values shape the way we work with our clients, delivering an outstanding user experience supported by cutting-edge technologies.

Greensoft core values evolved with us as the agency grew and we learned from our experiences.

1- We learn every day

Hungry for knowledge, we’ll know more than we did yesterday and less than we will tomorrow.

2. Business Sustainably

We will build our business sustainably through passionate and loyal customers.

3. Communicate with each other

We will communicate as much as possible, because it’s the oxygen of a remote agency.

4. Create Wow!

We develop outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

5. We have fun

We love our work. It shines through in every conversation, every line of code, and every application we build.

6. Always be honest

Being direct and honest gets us to the best possible outcome efficiently and with confidence.

Our Mission

In the pursuit to develop secure and innovative software solutions by harnessing technologies. Instead of relying on formula solutions, we believe in rolling up our sleeves for developing custom action plans for overcoming real-life business challenges

Our vision

Become a bespoke key role in the IT industry by being catalysts of innovation, integrated efforts, and implementation of strategic Business approach-making the tech sector more open, diverse, and equitable for all. To develop a better society for tomorrow, today