Xicomm (XMS)
January , 2018


The client

ISTI is an organization evaluating industries to determine the knowledge and technology level of their products.

Project description

APRMP  is a large project including  Admin, PRS, REG, MIS, and PUB subdomain. APRMP is a product evaluation system in which industries and companies register all the relevant information of their products in the REG domain and finally send their request. The request is received in the MIS domain and is evaluated as an internal workflow between different individuals and specialties, Finally, as well as MIS, the evaluation results are also visible in the REG and the PUB domain. The Admin domain is responsible for controlling data infrastructure and controlling user access controls. Security software development considerations are also included in this large project. This project started in April 2017 and is being developed and used so far.

The first step augmented ISTI existing in-house team because the scope of work far exceeded its resources and expertise, plus the organization needed to move fast-building their engineering team. With Greensoft by their side, they could tap the expertise of vetted, best-in-class developers over time. During this critical time, our team worked in lockstep with ISTI to build feature-rich SPA web applications from the ground up. Greensoft engineers were also key to the development of a REG, MIS, and PUB portal and an admin panel that streamlined user and registration management as well as the possibility of requests evaluation.


The production process begins with our partner analyzing the requirements. Finally, to reach a common understanding, the analytical documents are reviewed by discussing the details during a meeting. At this stage, in addition to the functional requirements, some non-functional requirements such as security considerations, data volume, efficiency, logging, and other issues will be considered by the technical team depending on the type of requirements.

According to the capacity of the team, some activities with high priority are selected and enter the implementation stage. During the manufacturing phase, communication is maintained with other members of the team to create exactly the required product, and after manufacturing the product, the initial tests are performed by the programmer. And the final work is referred to the test unit.

To launch the software, after ensuring the correct operation of the new product, the deployment operation will be started on the web servers. Required software will be installed if needed, the system is deployed on the host server.



Backed by Greensoft, ISTI not only evaluates thousands of requests but also easily creates new features on this big framework. The resulting solution satisfies a variety of end-users. They can work more easily than before. The delivered functionality and enhanced system productivity ensured a smooth experience for end-users that ultimately resulted in a more competitive market stance.

Today, we continue to support them, Engaged in a long-term collaboration, Greensoft’s team continues to develop additional functionality for the client and fine-tune the product based on the users’ feedback.

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